Redefining Historic design

The Christianson Development has it’s most historically inspired commercial building design under construction now at 5414 Delridge Way SW. Inspired from a photograph showing two tilted Victorian buildings just following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the design achieves two important architectural objectives:

Most mixed-use structures are intentionally unintegrated and have brick ground floor designs with a residential looking concept above. Our new Victorian is designed as a unified structure, regardless of the use of the lower and upper floors.

The design answers our second objective by building genuine reproductions of historic buildings that contrast the current popularity of plain, masculine, dark, boxy structures. This Victorian has both feminine and masculine elements, with the intention of invoking the passerby to reflect upon our connections with the past. By creating a connection to the past, architecture has the possibility of inspiring a community to grow and change.

Architecture by Lisa McNelis, Engineering by Asrade Mengstu at Fossati Pawlak

Professional rental management

Located in West Seattle, The Christianson Development includes luxury three and four bedroom townhome apartments, designed to emphasize construction quality, spaciousness, privacy and sound control. Our management philosophy is to be responsive, reachable and aware, including prompt repairs. Call today for a tour and begin renting from reliable professionals.

The Cottage Grove Neighborhood

The Christianson Development is conveniently located on the 120 bus line and only 10 minutes to downtown and freeways. Tenants enjoy a protected, community feeling and neighborhood amenities such as Camp Long, Longfellow Creek, West Seattle Golf Course, Delridge play fields and skate park, South Seattle Community College, Delridge Public Library, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, and several restaurants and coffee shops.

The Townhomes

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